Stories Beyond the Scores is your go-to public radio show for a brief look at sports history.  Learn about sometimes hidden and oft-times forgotten tales of the people, places, and events that enliven the world of sports.  Our host, Doctor Chris Reynolds, shares off-beat and moving sports stories.

Sponsoring Organizations

Bradley University

Bradley University is a top-ranked private university in Peoria, Illinois, that offers 5,400 undergraduate and graduate students opportunities and resources of a larger university and the personal attention and exceptional learning experience of a smaller university. Bradley offers more than 185 undergraduate and graduate academic programs in business, communications, education, engineering, fine arts, health sciences, liberal arts and sciences, and technology.

Bradley’s Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts seamlessly integrates Departments of Art, Communication, Interactive Media, Music, and Theatre Arts. Inspired by Albert Einstein’s words “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” the innovative work of our faculty and students centers on imagination, creativity, and communication.

A special niche for Bradley University’s Department of Communication is the Charley Steiner School of  Sports Communication. The program includes sports journalism, broadcasting, marketing, and play-by-play announcing. Our alumni excel in this field and have been broadcast voices for the New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Clippers, San Diego Padres, Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Mavericks, and Los Angeles Dodgers.


Peoria Public Radio is licensed to Bradley University. WCBU reaches nearly 1 million residents of central Illinois, operating 24 hours a day with news programs from NPR, the BBC, and Public Radio International and entertainment programs such as Ask Me Another, Fresh Air, Music from the Heartland,  and Out and About.

The SBS Team

Anji Rigg-Phillips
In Season One, Dr. Rigg-Phillips served as Producer, Engineer, and Script Editor. In Season Two, Dr. Rigg-Phillips served as Producer, Engineer, Script Editor and Audio Editor.

Chris Reynolds
Our Host

Kevin Mikolajczak
Web Designer

Anthony Landahl
Student Intern (research); web archive management

Benjamin Pollard
Student Intern (research)

Jacob Hallstrom
Student Intern (research)

Tyler Armstrong
Student Intern (research)

Technical Support

Sarah Dukes (logo)
Dave Lennie (web)
Cory Rabe, Dave Lennie (BU-CFA/COM)
Bill Porter, Nathan Irwin, Cindy Dermody (WCBU)
Dave Snell (vocal coaching)
Bobby Parker (BU SID)
Kirk Wessler, Ron Koperski (story ideas)
Charley Steiner (vocal talent, benefactor)
Jeff Huberman, Dean CFA/BU
Tony Adams, Chair, COM/BU
Paul Gullifor, Associate Chair, COM/BU
Ethan Ham, Chair, IM/BU
Scott Cavanah, Associate Chair, IM/BU

In Season One, Ed Lamoureux served as Executive Producer, Writer, and Audio Editor. In Season Two, Ed Lamoureux served as Executive Producer & Writer. Dr. Lamoureux is no longer a member of the SBS team.