Episode 15: Basketball Siblings

Stories Beyond the Scores
Stories Beyond the Scores
Episode 15: Basketball Siblings

[Candace Parker Photo, Susan Lesch, Oct. 4, 2017.CC 4.0; Anthony Parker Photo, Bradley University Athletics; photo illustration, Lamoureux]

Original Run Date on WCBU/Peoria Public Radio: April 14 & 15, and October 20 & 21, 2018. 

Many pairs of male siblings have played in the NBA.

Steph and Seth Curry bring to mind Tom and Dick Van Arsdale; Jon, Brent, and Drew Barry; Dominique and Gerald Wilkins; and the Grant brothers, Horace and Harvey.

Pau and Marc Gassol are among more than five dozen brothers-in-baskets.

Only four brother and sister pairs have played in the NBA and the Women’s Professional Basketball Leagues—a select group.

The Meyers, Ann and Dave; the Parkers, Candace and Anthony; as well as Ime and Mfon Udoka and Rudy and Marta Fernandez.

However, Marta Fernandez played one season with the LA Sparks and Mfon Udoka played in only three Detroit Shock games.

The Meyers and Parkers feature the female side of the equation eclipsing their brothers.

Ann Meyers, the only woman to sign an NBA contract, was the first player drafted by the Women’s Professional Basketball League. She was enshrined in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and inducted as a charter member of the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.

Ann’s brother, Dave, distinguished himself playing for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Dave retired, after only four seasons, to concentrate on family and faith.

Anthony Parker, twice named the EuroLeagues’ MVP in six years overseas, played across nine seasons with four NBA teams.

In 2008, Candace Parker was the first player to win the WNBA’s Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player Awards in the same season. Twice voted league MVP and six times All-WNBA, Candace was also named MVP of an All-Star Game and of a championship Finals series.

Few siblings are able to match sports skills with their professional brothers or sisters. Those that do, remind us that sibling rivalry can sometimes lead to excellence in sports and life achievements.

Until next time, for Stories Beyond the Scores, I’m Chris Reynolds.


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Photo, Susan Lesch, Oct. 4, 2017.CC 4.0 International.

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